Tory Burch x Born Free Reversible Canvas Tote


Hey, before you ‘click away’, hear what I’ve to say…

Tory Burch is teaming up with Born Free, an institution working on Africa Free HIV project. Basically this organization’s mission is to end mother-to-child HIV transmission at birth by 31 December 2015, 22 top designers including Shopbop and Vogue have participated in designing this exclusive collection.

Now if your heart is as big as the moon, then please read on…

From all the limited edition Replica bags in the Born Free Collection, we’ve handpicked the Tory Burch Reversible Canvas Tote because, it’s a Replica bag to tote for the summer – a beach Replica bag to store your towels, drinks, food and swimming wear, an evening Replica bag together with your skirt and pair of comfy slippers. Can you feel the beach, sun and sea yet?

But overall, the artfully patterns is designed by Kenyan artist Wangechi Mutu, one of the most important contemporary African artist of the recent years.

This Replica bag is called ‘Reversible’ because it features two exclusive Born Free Prints. You can literally switch the Replica bag inside out to change print and style. But honestly, I love the pinky canvas paint so much more, leave the brownish for the fall and winter.

With a detachable logo medallions hanging on the faux-leather double handles, completely lined and it comes in two sizes:

The Tory Burch Reversible Canvas Medium Tote is measured 18’ x 11’ x 6’ inches (H x L x D) is priced at $175 USD and €131 euro’s at Shopbop.

The Tory Burch Reversible Canvas Mini Tote is measured 7.5’ x 13’ x 5’ inches (H x L x D) is priced at $160 USD and €119 euro’s at Shopbop.

What’s a better gift to your loved ones than a limited edition accessory that has a meaning?

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